Why for Charity?

A couple years ago, I was mentioning to an older person that I was training for the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta skate race. “Are you raising money for charity?” he asked and seemed quite disappointed that I was not.

It got me thinking. I have NEVER needed the charity angle to get me to achieve things athletically. I can run a marathon without thinking or blinking. But was I missing an opportunity to do something Bigger, by doing something Big, and leaving it at that?
So I thought if I ever got around to doing this 24 hour skate thing, I would be sure to do it as a fund raiser for some worthy charities. I did not know at the time that the organizers had already picked one out for me! But when I found out, I added 2 more of my own choice.

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Donation Quick Links – Please Sponsor Me!

Click here for the why’s of why these 3 charities.

Pledge me at MS Society of Canada (Official Event Charity)
Pledge me at Team in Training / Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (says Wilson 100 event)
Jewish Family & Career Services – select Counseling Fund in Tribute Fund list

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