So How Many Calories Will I Burn?

Typically when I am skating, it is about 50 calories a mile.

So 300 x 50 is 15,000 calories, which is the calorie content of 4+ pounds of fat.

I know most of you think I don’t have 4 pounds of fat on my body, or at least excess fat. But my body fat scale would beg to differ. Compared to my most fit recent period, I am pushing about 5 lbs. of extra fat around these days.

But I will not be relying on fat for all 15,000 calories or so.

Gatorade powder mix is 200 calories per quart. I will probably do at least 15 quarts during the event, so that is 3,000 calories.

And I will probably eat a dozen or so of some other 200 calorie snacks as well, if I am disciplined about it. Call that 2,000 calories.

So that gets the event deficit down to about 10,000 calories, with this forecast.
That’s less than 3 lbs of fat, and I KNOW I have that much to spare!

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