Is Shabbat Sam Really Skating this on Shabbat?

This was a sort of difficult thing to come to terms with. But I have.

There was another 24 hour event years ago that began Saturday morning. I didn’t try to do that because it meant giving up too much of Shabbat.

But my normal Shabbat observance starts out with Services and Dinner Friday night. If I go to bed on time, it continues with Torah Study at The Temple at 9AM, followed by morning services there.
Then I get home around 1pm, and from then until about an hour before sunset, I try to get some playing in in Piedmont Park next to my condo. Tennis (no paying, I am an annual member there), or skating, or anything I can motivate myself to do. In football season, it is the elliptical machine while I watch the Miami Hurricanes.

Then I am usually late getting to Shearith Israel for Mincha (afternoon service),
Seudah Shlishit (3rd Meal), Maariv (evening service) and Havdalah (end of the Sabbath).

So compared to my usual Shabbat, as long as I am able to get to Chabad for services Saturday morning in Montreal, this won’t be much different until that final hour of daylight.

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