Will Other People Skate 300 Miles in 24 Hours?

The Montreal Inline 24 is mostly a team event, with Recreation, Fitness, and Elite divisions of teams up to 10 skaters.

But a couple dozen hardy folks try it as solo skaters each year, and this year they added a duo division. I don’t get that one! THAT’s crazy.

The winner the last 2 years is also (according to Atlantan and former world record holder Uwe Brockmann) the current world record holder at around 335 miles. But the world record rules are No Drafting behind other skaters, so it is a completely solo effort. And this event allows drafting. So he has tallied 360 miles each of the last 2 years. Last year, only one of the 15 other skaters managed 300 miles. The year before, 4 of the 25 other skaters did.

So yes, 300 miles is certainly achievable. By me? I think so. These people come from all over Canada and the World to skate this race. But what am I, chopped liver? No, I am coming all the way from Atlanta. Which apparently, is noteworthy enough for the english language version of the CBC radio to want to interview me.

I don’t know if the winner from the last 2 years will be here this year. I kind of hope not. I think his 360 miles is in reach on a good day, but I don’t really feel like “competing” against a person at this point. I’d rather compete against distance instead. And set my sights low, like 300 miles.

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