Can I Really Skate 300 Miles in 24 Hours?

Isn’t that what you are really thinking?

Well, I think I can. Have I ever done something similar? Sort of.

Two years ago, October, 2008, on a challenge from a friend, and with the 24 hour ultimate goal in mind, I decided to skate from Atlanta to Athens from 11pm at night to around 6:30am, and then turned around and raced back to Atlanta with the official Athens to Atlanta 87-mile inline skate event, so I covered 175 miles in 14 hours of skating in a 15 hour time period over endless hills (they will wear you down) and often marginal pavement (try skating down Dekalb Ave from Rocky Ford to Moreland after 170 miles!)

Compared to that, 300 miles on the pristine asphalt of a mostly flat Formula One race track loop should be a breeze. And average temps of about 62F over the 24 hour period will not hamper me! (Especially while it will be 25 hotter on average here in Hotlanta.)

My plan is simple. Wear my hear rate monitor. Keep the heart rate in the fat-burning zone, below 70% of max range (my average in my 175 mile skate was 71%). And drink lots of Gatorade, about a quart an hour.

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