Why THESE 3 charities?

So I am raising money for 3 different charities during this event.
I figure with 3 charities, YOU get to choose something worthy that speaks to you.

The event organizers selected MS Society of Canada as their official charity. I have donated in the past to MS, as have many of you. A good friend and really cool person, Falynn, began fund raising for MS since her mother has the illness. And it is pretty bad to look at your parent and wonder if that is also your future. But they are making progress and I saw a cool article about it a few weeks ago … can’t remember where … but …Pledge me at MS Society of Canada (Official Event Charity)

I am also raising money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My friend Jill Powers has been battling this for several years now, and I read each F.U. Lumps blog post from her (she is currently in Houston for the late Summer/Fall 2010 getting treatment) with hope that she beats it one day soon, once and for all. So in her honor, Pledge me at Team in Training / Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (says Wilson 100 event)

And finally, since you think I am nuts for trying to skate 300 miles in 24 hours, why not put your money where your mouths are and donate to the Counseling Fund at Jewish Family & Career Services? They provide low cost mental health counseling services to people from all over Atlanta and all walks of life. I know several people who have been helped by them. But it takes MONEY. So sponsor me with a donation to the Jewish Family & Career Services – select Counseling Fund in Tribute Fund list and help make a difference.
Mental issues are so tough, and often a catch-22. They can cost you your job, which costs you your insurance, which costs you your ability to afford good health care. If you have ever sat at a funeral and said goodbye to 35 years of amazing life experiences and knowledge, and wondered if it could have turned out differently, please donate to this cause!

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